Power up

Bistro Noonbox brings Nordic vibe to Baltic dining: simplicity, sensibility, time-saving and absolute freedom. The menu, which changes daily, offers main meat courses for a wide range of diners, with unlimited combinations of side dishes, salads and sauces, plus soup and dessert of the day as well as drinks.

Self-service allows everyone to put just the right amount on their plate or in the takeaway box to create their ideal portion. It can be seen as a charging point or filling station — though not for modern and capable cars, but for modern and capable people.

Noonbox aims to nourish people without making their lives more complicated. We work hard so that you don’t have to.

  • E-veikals

    Veerenni 51

  • E-veikals

    M.–Fr. 8:00-15:00